Bar Short BW, hotels
Bar Short BW, hotels

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The SwiftPOS software provides the perfect solution to meet the requirements of Hotels that contain a mix of Retail Bottle Shop Sales, Bar Sales and Food Service areas.

Hotels & Bar Sales:

  • Run Happy Hours for any product for any time period on any day.
  • Use staff wristbands for quick service using multiple Cash Drawers to increase cash security.
  • Managing pricing based on trading times. Like increased pricing with live music after 10pm.
  • Up to 10 price levels per location.
  • Manage sales reporting for different locations but manage inventory from a single location.

Retail Bottle Shop Sales for Hotels:

  • Customer Advertising Displays at the POS to increase the spend per customer in each sale.
  • Mix and match for special pricing on quantity breaks.
  • Search by any part of the product description or bar code.
  • Quick search options based on product groups, categories or product families.
  • Automatic Weekly Specials integrated with special price label printing. Caters for multiple promotions for the same product with overlapping dates.
  • Custom label designer for shelf labels and shelf advertising.
  • Unlimited number of keyboard shift modifiers to handle different packaging sizes.
  • Unlimited bar codes per product.
  • View cost variations over any date range to better manage retail pricing & profit margins.
  • Integrated electronic ordering and downloading of Supplier Invoices to reduce administration costs.
  • Single step stock transfer process to other locations.
  • View real-time Stock levels in all other locations from the POS Terminal.

Restaurant Sales:

  • Will consolidate table orders for different customers before sending to the kitchen printer. (Bistro Tables)
  • Handles table charging and kitchen printing with detailed cooking instructions from menu driven selections.
  • Table charge to the Restaurant from the Bars and correctly manage stock on hand and sales reporting.
  • Can manage weddings & functions with a pre-set credit limit with consolidated printing of function charges.
  • Integrated Reservation software linked to tables and Membership/Loyalty software.

Key Benefits for Night Clubs:

  • Night Clubs have special security and promotional requirements that are unique to their industry. SwiftPOS Touch POS and Loyalty software with the POS-Vision Security system provide the perfect mix to meet your requirements.
  • Door Entry Terminal
  • Stores Photo ID of Members that is displayed on entry.
  • Can print Photo ID Member Cards for hotels.
  • Cards can be either plastic cards with a magnetic stripe or laminated cards with a bar code.
  • Door Entry Terminal to track card usage, reward members, birthday reminders, financial status, member classification (gold, silver, bronze etc)
  • Promote the venue to Members via SMS Messaging, emails, letters etc.
  • Members can sign up on the Venue Web site using tools supplied with the SwiftPOS software.

Bar Sales:

Run automatic price increases for late trading or live music

Apply different pricing to VIP and loyalty for hotels customers.

Run a Cashless Venue where customers can put money on a charge card with a spending limit to that amount.

Use Hotels drink cards that link sales back to the person that issued them for rewards.