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Discover how SwiftOS Can Help You Save Money and Time

Working in customer service can be a demanding, fast-paced and stressful environment. From customers’ expectations of fast and A+ service, communication between departments and efficient back-of-house systems, everything needs to flow like a well-oiled machine. If one part of the equation falls apart, the bigger picture does not add up and chaos can ensue.

That’s where we come in.

The Swiftpos Point of Sale system aims to take one headache out of the equation, delivering efficient and streamlined POS technology to the retail, hospitality and service industries.

With unique features that can be tailored to individual industries, Swiftpos is the answer to your Point of Sale problems.


Those everyday tasks that used to take time away from the job at hand are now as simple as the click of a button. Just a few of the ways Swiftpos can save you time every day…

Easy to configure home screen – Customise your screen exactly how you want it and watch the productivity fly! Using images as opposed to text allows for quick recognition and fast processing.

Iphone, ipad and ipod compatible – Swiftpos now offers a handheld web app that can be used on an ipad or iphone for mobile ordering. Orders are placed faster and messages sent to receiving kitchens, quicker.

Bar tabs – Speed up the time taken to track and manage bar tabs easily.

Promotions – Configure your promotions in one simple location and schedule ahead of time in your downtime.

Barcode scanning – helpful for multitudes of purposes such as scanning stock items, membership cards, gift vouchers, coupons and heaps more.

Splitting bills – Once the bane of hospitality, splitting bills is now a simpler and more transparent process, with less possibility for human error.

Wasted time is wasted money right? Not anymore….

Greater communication capabilities – No more loss of product and income due to miscommunication between staff members and departments. Swiftpos minimises the possibilities of human error.

Track your hours – Your employees can log their hours simply with Swiftpos employee log function – ensuring you are getting the most out of your staff.

Manage your stock – Swiftpos can manage your stock like never before with innovative processes and functions to manage stock purchasing, orders, transfers, write-offs and stock-take. Never before has stock control been this simple and measurable.

Don’t waste time, money and resources on tasks that eat up your time and poach from your staff’s productivity. Implementing a proven successful Point of Sale system can mean the difference between a good year and a great year.

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