Restaurant BWThe restaurant POS software provides the perfect solution to meet the requirements of Restaurants that contain a mix of Table Service, Waiter Station and Bar Sales.

  • Graphical Table Layout Designer with automatic layouts for different times of the day.
  • Displays current table status on table layouts.
  • Names and Covers on Tables.
  • Seat Numbering.
  • Join tables or transfer tables.
  • Add unlimited free text for special orders.
  • Forced Modifiers for cooking instructions and sauces.
  • Serve Entree’s as Mains or Mains as Entrees.
  • Bistro service where multiple orders paid individually on a table are only sent to the kitchen as a single order.
  • Split Items and/or split Bills with multiple EFTPOS payments or account charges for a single table.
  • Supports multiple Kitchen Printers with advanced printing options. Customer meal orders to the Kitchen printers have a larger, easier to read format.
  • Links with multiple Kitchen Video Monitors.
  • Table ordering with restaurant POS Mobile features.
  • View and Print Blackboard Specials with full Menu details.
  • “Sold out alerts with stock on hand displayed on the button.
  • Links to Menu Boards with warnings on sold out items.
  • Restaurant POS Reservations is fully integrated with table layouts and for booking specific tables.
  • Reservations links with Customers in the back office for integrated Customer loyalty.

SwiftPOS offers a restaurant point of sale system that does more than place orders and accept payments. SwiftPOS enables users to effectively manage their restaurant with customized reporting, live sales figures, and employee management. By combining years of restaurant experience with modern technology, Swiftpos is the solution right for your restaurant!