Advertising & Promotions

Advertising & Promotions POS Features

SwiftPOS – Promote & Advertise in Real Time to Your Customers


With video, graphics, and images, get your deals and promotions across to your customers. SwiftPOS advertising & promotions allows you to promote and advertise directly to your customers through our live menu boards and our customer-facing advertising displays.

A Total Advertising Solution

  • Customer facing advertising displays
  • live menu boards, advertising daily specials
  • Location specific promotions
  • Up-selling features with staff prompting
  • Embedded animation and video files
  • Order-ready features
  • Interface with 3rd party integrations like MailChimp and Impact Data

Get More with Live Menu Boards 

  • Display menu & pricing that is directly linked to the POS terminal
  • With live tracking the menu board will automatically notify your customers when a menu item is sold out
  • Advertise daily specials and promotions straight onto the menu boards
  • Design how your menu board looks, with text, images, and multi-media graphics. 

Customer Advertising Displays

With the power of targeted advertising, SwiftPOS customer facing displays allows your venue to promote deals and specials directly to the customers while they purchase or simply browse the bar or bistro.

Graphics can be added with minimal effort, allowing you to quickly change promotions, if need be. Choose from multiple layouts and customise different sections to meet your advertising solutions. 

Target your advertising to match your POS promotions for specific times of the day or night.

Promotions & Advertising 3rd Party Integrations

SwiftPOS marketing and promotional features, also integrates with some of the leading platforms in marketing and promotions. POS marketing integration brings your deals and marketing ideas to life. SMS marketing integrations include, BurstSMS and Direct Exposure. E-mail marketing and campaign management in conjunction with MailChimp, and voucher and marketing data integration with Impact Data for 3rd party vendors.

We help clients of all sizes around the world save time, save money and make money through the better application and understanding of data and automation in their business. Impact Data’s Clubs Package combines three of our most powerful tools — TalkBox, Pipeline and Enlight — to help pubs, bars and clubs save time and money.

MailChimp is the world’s largest marketing automation platform. It’s like a second brain that helps millions of customers—from small e-commerce shops to big online retailers—find their audience, engage their customers, and build their brand.

ThorLink is Tranxactor’s own gateway to the Thor Host platform which can be implemented with any Windows POS or Android system to deliver a comprehensive suite of real time functions for loyalty programs, payment systems and marketing. Once deployed, ThorLink runs seamlessly in the background of the POS with full communications management functions, offline detection, offline and online processing, fraud detection, and security controls. 

Zen Global is a marketing and advertising software and services agency established in 2006. No other loyalty program can integrate with your POS and grow your business like the Zen Global Loyalty System. Our card based system can be implemented to reward your customers with either a discount or points structure and is completely managed online.

Why choose BurstSMS? Extensive Service – Including Web SMS, Email to SMS, SMS API, SMS Reminders, and more. Enterprise Security -Enterprise infrastructure, security, redundancy, and data sovereignty. Expert Support – Highly responsive and knowledgeable support team available.

Direct Exposure Marketing was conceived from a simple idea – to help businesses, of any industry, perform better. The internet is now the central marketplace for business and we specialise in doing the online leg work so that business owners and operators can reap the rewards. We have the tools and know how to allow any business to develop and enviable online reputation which leads to more customers and a steady income stream.