POS Terminal Features

POS Terminals Features

SwiftPOS – Delivering Consistency & Unmatched Customisation in POS Terminals

Unlimited user-defined screen layouts, colour-coding, text inputs, graphics and image integration…

You can create the optimal POS layout that perfectly suits your venues style and operation. Our POS terminals have been optimised to suit any dimension of screen hardware, including handheld devices and self-serve terminals

Fast, Reliable, Flexible & Functional

Customisable, Intuitive, Integrated & Optimised

Configuration Features:
  • Add graphics, for faster identification
  • Drag & drop keypad designer
  • Flexible button sizing
  • Integrated web updates for latest features & enhancements
  • Larger venue? Get free POS terminal training & receive backup of all POS configurations
  • Hold and recall sales
  • Print previous transaction receipts
  • Look up stock on hand in all locations
  • Split payments
  • Quick Search: product groups, categories or families
  • Table transfer, reservation and tracking
  • Bar tabs and accounts with controls and purchasing restrictions
  • Automatic price changes for holidays and surcharges
More than just a pos:
  • Process invoices directly at the POS
  • Add barcodes at the POS
  • Print vouchers, gift cards and more
  • Set up multiple cash draws for a single POS terminal
  • Display customer advertising screens
  • Access floor plans
  • Assign seats by name or number
  • Product control with LIVE serving trackers

SwiftPOS Hand-Held Mobile Terminals

Improve & Speed Up Customer service
Increase Table Turnover
Increase Business Revenue
POS Systems

Replace the pen & pad and increase staff efficiency.  Increase revenue with staff prompting and up-selling features. Customise food and beverage match-ups that can be prompted to staff during service. Minimise the risk for mistakes with live product and serving trackers, minimising the risk of over-ordering.

Take SwiftPOS Mobile further and attach card swipers, allowing staff to provide excellent and on the spot service to members. Perfect for gaming room customer service.

SwiftPOS Customer & Self-Order Kiosks

Customer Kiosks 
for Club Members

The Customer Kiosk showcases all members details. Perfect for member interaction on entry to your club.

  • Custom Kiosk Designer allows text & graphics to be positioned for any layout
  • Award points on entry for the gaming system – play once per day
  • Pay membership fees
  • View vouchers and integrate with 3rd party voucher systems
  • Play a game with voucher rewards when members win
  • View barrel promotions
  • Portrait or landscape screen saver, FLASH video graphics
  • Automatic time out, maintains member privacy if they walk away

SwiftPOS Self-Order kiosk  allows customers and members to order ahead or jump the queue. 

  • Order & pay at the kiosk with EFTPOS integration
  • Flexible options to pay at pick-up
  • Purchase raffle tickets for clubs
  • Purchase gift cards
  • Portrait or landscape
  • Video screen saver with FLASH video graphics
  • Custom Kiosk Designer – Position text & graphics for any layout
Self-Order Kiosks
 for Clubs & QSR