Restaurant & Bistro Features

Restaurant POS Features

SwiftPOS – Delivering Unmatched Flexibility for Restaurant Operations

 Swiftpos Gives your business Flexibility and control – You Determine How your restaurant Operates Not Your Pos system

We have consistently been striving for features that give you what you want. From handheld POS terminals for wait staff, to kitchen video screens, to live serving tracker, to split payment, billing, dockets and tables. SwiftPOS is proud to deliver your restaurant POS features with unmatched flexibility and reliability for your venue. 

Fast, Reliable, Flexible & Functional Restaurant Management

Wine & Dine

SwiftPOS’s Restaurant POS systems provides the perfect solution to meet the requirements of Restaurants. Containing a mix of Table Service, Waiter Station and Bar Sales.

  • Customisable table tracking
  • Split items/billing/payment
  • Table and seat number/name tracking
  • Delayed print to kitchen options
  • Automatic surcharges
  • Kitchen bump screens
  • Receipt/bounce back vouchers
  • Reservations with table allocation in advance
  • Customisable floor-mapping 
  • Graphical table layout designer with automatic layouts for different times of the day
  • View and print blackboard specials with full menu details
  • Reservation links with customers in the back office for integrated customer loyalty

Product Control With Live Serving Tracker

Informs wait staff with a live count of the available servings. Orders taken at the POS will instantly change the available servings remaining, as soon as the order is sent to the kitchen. The available serving count is  immediately live at all POS terminals including mobiles. It reduces over ordering.

restaurant POS features

Smart, Flexible & Adjustable Bistro Solutions!

Bistro Service

  • Multiple orders, paid individually at a table are sent to the kitchen as a single order
  • Names can be stored against each order when seat numbers aren’t in use
  • Split billing/payment
  • Delayed print to kitchen options
  • Join tables or transfer tables
  • Options to change existing transactions for previous items rung up

Self-Order Kiosk, Perfect for Any Bistro

  • Order & pay at the kiosk with EFTPOS integration
  • Flexible options for paying at pick-up
  • Purchase raffle tickets for clubs
  • Purchase gift cards
  • Portrait or landscape
  • video screen saver with FLASH video graphics
  • Custom Kiosk Designer – Position text & graphics for any layout

SwiftPOS Hand-Held Mobile Terminals

Improve & Speed Up Customer service
Increase Table Turnover
Increase Business Revenue
POS Systems

Replace the pen & pad and increase staff efficiency. Increase revenue with staff prompting and up-selling features. Customise food and beverage match-ups that can be prompted to staff during service. 

SwiftPOS Kitchen Bump Screens 

Replace or compliment your kitchen printers with kitchen order and bump screens. A perfect solution for fast paced restaurants, casual dinning or quick service restaurants.

  • Use a touch screen or bump box to bump off your orders
  • Choose font size, number of rows & columns to suit your business & screen size
  • Print food labels for items
  • Wait times in (5 minute intervals) display on the kitchen video screen and POS screen
  • Bump from one screen to the next
  • Back Office reporting on serving times