General Ledger Integration

General Ledger
General Ledger

POS Software that is integrated with Xero Accounting, Quickbooks, MYOB and Xero others.

SwiftPOS back office is a suite of Software Modules that manages the back office functions and links the Point of Sale Terminals to create a total POS solution. SwiftPOS has full export options to General Ledger, Creditors and Payroll packages. 

The product is divided into modules, allowing the purchase of tailor-made packages just right for your requirements without having to pay for things that you may not use. New modules can be added as required if your needs change. SwiftPOS back office provides tight control over Inventory Management, Cash Management and staff costs. It can help detect problems such as theft and wastage before they get out of hand. You know exactly what your Inventory-on-hand is, right up until the last sale due to the real time processing of all sales transactions.

Originally created for Australian Clubs with large memberships running sophisticated loyalty and retention programmes. SwiftPOS has it’s pedigree in Membership, Loyalty, Retention and Marketing solutions one of the many reasons SwiftPOS is used by some of the largest Clubs, Franchise Chains, Pub Groups and Retailers in AUS and NZ.

SwiftPOS Members is extremely powerful, comprehensive and easy to use making it the most advanced POS members module on the market. It can also be scaled to suit any business type or operation and is affordable no matter how small you are