Bottleshop point of sale

Bar Short BWBottleshop point of sale

General Features:

  • Unlimited keypads and keypad layers
  • Integrated EFTPOS with all major banks in Aust/NZ
  • Multiple payment methods including vouchers paid outs and EFTPOS cash outs with split tendering over any     number of media
  • Unlimited shift levels to sell a product in many sizes
  • Hold and resume concurrent sales transactions
  • Unlimited bar codes per product
  • Based on Microsoft SQL Server for robust operation
  • POS can run locally or over the Internet with no difference in performance
  • Drag and Drop keypad designer

Bottleshop Promotional / Marketing Features:

  • Unlimited COMBO / Mix n Match Promotions that can be scheduled for any date/time range
  • Buy one, get one free or discounted
  • Integrated Customer advertising screens with built in FLASH designer
  • Advanced Voucher Printing based on sales value of selected products. Vouchers are serialised, tracked and can be customer specific
  • Issue and Redeem Loyalty Points for Spending at POS

The SwiftPOS Bottle Shop Solution delivers genuine real time management capabilities.  The Solution is loaded with new functionality that will enable you to improve efficiency, reduce costs, manage resources, control your inventory and ultimately improve profitability.

Delivering speed and a vast amount of powerful features which are crucial in today’s operations. Reliable Hardware is a crucial part of any pos system, ensure you have reliable hardware and we are able to bring you  a very powerful and robust system.  The software is 2nd to none and bottleshop sales are something our resellers work hard to ensure you get the systemt hat meets the needs you require.