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Foster Stronger Customer Relationships

With SwiftPOS create a consumer base of loyal customers. Our in-built customer relationship management (CRM) system allows you to create customer profiles, understand their buying habits. Create individualised reward programs and other nifty marketing campaigns to keep your customers returning. The loyalty and promotion features are designed to ensure your customers keep coming back. Create promotions quickly and easily using multiple pricing options to enhance your marketing strategy.

  • Create daily/weekly/monthly promotions and specials in Back Office
  • Mix ‘n’ Match promotions to create quantity breaks on a range of products
  • Buy 1 get 1 free deals
  • Voucher issuing based on promotional triggers
  • Sell and redeem multiple gift cards in a single sale
  • Advertise using customer facing displays
  • Issue and redeem loyalty points for spending
  • Marketing management integration features
Retail POS

Multiple Stores? Or Thinking of Expanding?

With SwiftPOS Head Office, it is easy to keep track of all your venues and easily track important sales data. Head Office allows for your business to control and manage cost and selling prices for all venues regardless of the type of venue.

  • Enable Store comparison by filtering reports by  – state, region, type, zone, area manger etc.
  • Manage what products are active and where
  • Products and prices can be controlled centrally or at individual stores depending on requirements.
  • Allows for central management of cost prices and selling prices for all stores
  • Head Office can view the sales of all venues in real time.
  • Head Office provides a host based loyalty system, capturing all member/accounts transactions from all stores

Accurate Scale Integration 

Pre-Packaged & Labelled Products

  • Record correct scale value, correctly reducing stock levels Scanned at the POS
  • Correct Price and product on the receipt
  • Decrement the correct amount of stock based on the price per kg
  • Keep price per kg set in the back office synced up with the scales

Price/Weight Embedded Product

  • Scales can be directly connected at the POS
  • Price embedded barcodes
  • Weight embedded barcodes
  • NMI Compliant
  • Labelling mode in SwiftPOS touch so you can use standard label scales to print labels.

More Awesome Features & Benefits….

cctv integration
Full Security Integration
  • Interface with Most CCTV systems
  • Advanced Searching via POS-Vision Module
Customer Facing Display
  • Advertise Specials
  • Incorporate Daily Specials & Deals
  • Run Daily Promotions
restaurant POS
In-built crm feature
  • Customisable Vouchers
  • Coupon Configuration, Digital or Print
  • Integrate with MailChimp
24/7 Local Support
  • 24/7 Support Throughout Australia & New Zealand
  • International Distributors
  • Fully Trained Distributors
Live Dashboard Reporting
  • KPI & BI Reporting
  • See Location Reports
  • Available on All Devices, Including Mobiles
Multi-Venue Management 
  • Overview all Venues & Sites
  • Central Management
  • Track Sales, inventory & Member Transactions
Handheld POS
Handheld POS
  • Perfect for Table Service
  • Live Servings Tracker
  • Reduce Ordering Time &
  • Pay at Table
POS Soluton
Hybrid Cloud Solutions
  • On & Off Premise Solutions
  • 30 Days Continuous Trading Without Internet
  • Still Maintain Data Integrity
WEB API Integration
  • Interface Your Own Website with SwiftPOS
  • Online Ordering Management
  • 3rd Party Integration