POS Integrations

Many POS integrations are already available within SwiftPOS, including full CRM features, Loyalty, promotions, voucher and gift card solutions. SwiftPOS extends further, including in-built features like, SwiftPOS live menu boards, SwiftPOS kitchen bump screens, SwiftPOS Web & loyalty Apps and SwiftPOS store.

SwiftPOS is a POS solution that works seamlessly with hundreds or 3rd parties, all are available to work in conjunction with SwiftPOS to make your business run smoothly.

SwiftPOS has established a web application programming interface (API) to integrate your web based programs into SwiftPOS and vice-versa. This includes interfaces like, online ordering, online shopping, online marketing, online member & accounts management and many other application programs.

SwiftPOS Partners

We have categorised some of the leading 3rd party providers into their respective categories