POS API Integration

SwiftPOS POS Integrations

CRM Management POS Integrations

SwiftPOS integrates with Leading Customer Relationship Management tools. Get all the insights into your members and your loyal customers, creating smart marketing strategies to keep them coming back.


Fuel POS Integrations

The fuel industry requires its own unique set of demands. SwiftPOS in partnership with industry leading companies, seamlessly meets the demands and delivers a unique amount of solutions for the fuel industry.


Hardware & Security POS Integrations

SwiftPOS Touch has been developed to work with most hardware screen, fitting majority of screen dimensions, including tablets and iPads. SwiftPOS has also been developed to work with CCTV security and other hardware security features.

Hardware & Security

Hotel & Property POS Integrations

SwiftPOS has partnered with leading hotel and property management systems. Integrating room charge features via the SwiftPOS Touch terminal.

Hotel & Property

Gaming POS Integrations

SwiftPOS gaming integrations allows venues to integrate members accounts with leading gaming systems, rewarding members with points to spend within the venue.


Ordering & Supplier Integrations

SwiftPOS integrates with leading suppliers and online ordering platforms, making electronic invoicing easy. Seamlessly connecting your accounting platform with your inventory orders to SwiftPOS Back Office.

supplier integrations

Payment Processing Integrations

SwiftPOS integrates with all leading payment processing solutions, with quick processing times between the payment terminal and the SwiftPOS terminal.

payment processing integrations

Reporting & Monitoring

Integrate with leading BI Reporting platforms and get live KPI data from you venue, anywhere and at anytime. Keep on top of product wastage, with smart beverage monitoring systems that deliver simple easy to read data on the status of your venues beer.

reporting integrations