SwiftPOS Kiosk – See’s Demand at AGE 2018

What a Week! 

The Australasian Gaming Expo (AGE) has once again come and gone, and the SwiftPOS team would like to thank all our customers and visitors that came and experienced the Expo with us.

The three days of excitement saw many new and returning visitors come to the SwiftPOS stand, showing interest in our Kiosk display. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with many eager to learn more, discovering how the kiosk can give their clubs the advantage.

The SwiftPOS Kiosk is designed to give our customers more avenues to engage with their members and give members more exciting and accessible interactions with the club, whether that is through the Customer Kiosk or the Order Kiosk. We saw a huge swell of interest and demand for the SwiftPOS Kiosk at the Expo, with our team giving back-to-back demos throughout the three day event.

With a constant flow of curious customers, Grahame Day the Managing Director, couldn’t be more happy with the renewed interest in the SwiftPOS Kiosk, “It’s great! Theres a clear demand in the industry for this kind of feature. We’ve had the kiosk available for a couple of years now and we have really adapted the software and improved its function to not just meet clubs needs, but also giving members what they want.., and that’s rewards. This year we introduced the game, where members have the potential to win instantly, printing out a rewards voucher for them to use within the club. It just gives members another incentive to come back to the club, and ultimately thats what all our customers want.”

Kiosk POS

The Customer Kiosk

The Customer Kiosk showcases all members details. By simply scanning or swiping their members cards, members can view their account details, use their points, play a game to win rewards and be awarded points linked to the gaming systems. They can also view their vouchers that are linked to their account and print them.

The Order Kiosk

SwiftPOS Order kiosk feature allows customers and members to order ahead or jump the queue. We have worked on improved EFTPOS integration allowing for members to pay at the kiosk or pay when they pick up their food.