A Club POS Solution

The Ultimate Club POS Solution

Our club POS system is one of the leading point of sale solutions for clubs within Australia. We know the value of your members and our POS strives to give you all the features needed to keep your members coming back.

A fully integrated POS System which links every sales transaction to the member is very important. This allows you to review your sales and adjust your products and processes for optimal returns.

Member Centred POS System


CRM Management

Totally integrated Member Management, including promotions, loyalty and Poker Machine Gaming systems integration.


Member Entry Kiosk

Rewards members instantly on entry to your club. It informs when and how long your members are in your club.


Tiered Loyalty

Create loyalty reward programs based on a members level of classification, giving you long term member marketing strategies.


Combine Club Promotions

Integrate POS and Membership system with club promotions, generating better member target promoting.


Integrated Member Registration

Ease the burden of Member renewals and maintaining address details, with a integrated member registration system.


Intelligent Gaming Integration

SwiftPOS gaming interface software, integrates with your gaming loyalty system.

More Awesome Features & Benefits….

Member Entry Kiosk

Reward members, gain valuable insights, run promotional campaigns and contact members directly. Perfect for any club wanting to engage more with their members.

POS Solution

Live Menu Boards

Link directly to the POS. Automatically display order ready options, price changes and sold out items. Keep your customers informed.

Customer Facing Displays

Directly market to your customers at the POS. Advertise specials. Incorporate member deals and run daily promotions with customer facing displays

Multi-Venue Management

Head Office allows you to have an overview of all venues within a centrally managed location. Track sales, inventory, member transactions and much more.

Live Dashboard Reporting

Business Intelligence Reports. Get up to the minute KPI's like member reports, table tracking, sales, staff performance and other BI reports, anywhere, anytime on any device.

POS Soluton

Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Backup your important data with a unique on and off premise solution. Trade continuously for 30 days without internet access, while still maintaining data integrity.

cctv integration

Full Security Integration

SwiftPOS interfaces with most leading CCTV systems, with advanced searching features via the POS-Vision module.

WEB API Integration

Easily interface your own websites with SwiftPOS. Benefit from online member management tools and 3rd party web applications.