Franchise, Large Venue & Multi-Venues

Large Venues, Multi-Venues & Franchising

Quick Service Restaurant POS

Sushi Sushi

Sushi Sushi boasts over 120 stores across Australia, providing quality service and food. With 238 POS terminals in use, Sushi Sushi manages accurate sales and data reporting.

Franchise POS Solutions 

From 2 to 500 stores… SwiftPOS has your franchise dreams covered

SwiftPOS is the solution for your Franchise. Centrally manage, control, analyse and review all franchise stores from one location in SwiftPOS Head Office. Our Franchise POS Solution allows you to compare an individual stores progress against the average of all other stores. See immediate results from promotional and coupon campaigns and run a loyalty system from Head Office across all stores. 

With a range of custom search filters, you can easily search and compare franchise shops based on categories such as size, zone, store type or any other filter that relates to individual franchises. Ensuring accuracy, SwiftPOS Head Office goes further, recording accuracy in sales information. Correct franchise fees can be viewed, as well as abnormal credits, voids or no sales. This ensures correct sales data.

Multi-venue POS

West Group

Located on the Central Coast & Newcastle, West Groups Clubs operate 125 POS terminals across 7 venues. They integrate member management, across all venues with ease.

Multi-Venue POS Solutions

125 POS terminals across 7 venues for 1 business, we’ve done it

Seeking to expand your hotel or club into other areas of the hospitality and retail environment? With SwiftPOS Head Office, it is easy to keep track of all your venues and track important sales data. Head Office allows for your business to control and manage cost and selling-prices for all venues regardless of the type of venue.

Create loyalty systems that generates different rewards and promotions, depending on the venue a member or customer is in. Apply different deals and promotional campaigns from Head Office to each individual venue like mix ‘n’ match and buy-one get-one-free deals. Track price changes and review performance over any given  period.

Franchise POS

Eden Park Stadium

200 POS Terminals all with integrated EFTPOS solutions, operating with real-time reporting across all stadium locations, including retail. Serving up to 50,000 customers over a single game.

Large Venue POS Solutions

Stadiums, to universities, to large scale events. SwiftPOS is unmatched for large venue POS solutions…

SwiftPOS is continuously at the forefront of providing reliable and functional POS solutions for large venues. We have efficiently installed up to 200 POS terminals in a single venue, operating both individually and together to provide fast and secure point of sale solutions.

SwiftPOS own Hybrid Cloud Solutions reassures venues that their critical data is secured with a unique combination of on-and-off premise solutions. It provides maximum security in the event of a network failure, allowing venues to trade continuously for up to 30 days without internet access.

More Awesome Features & Benefits….

POS Features

In-built CRM Features

Customisable vouchers and coupons can be created for both digital and printable distribution, including on receipts. Easily integrate 3rd party CRM providers as well.

POS Soluton

Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Backup your important data with a unique on and off premise solution. Trade continuously for 30 days without internet access, while still maintaining data integrity.

POS Solution

Live Menu Boards

Link directly to the POS. Automatically display order ready options, price changes and sold out items. Keep your customers informed.

Multi-Venue Management

Head Office allows you to have an overview of all venues within a centrally managed location. Track sales, inventory, member transactions and much more.

Live Dashboard Reporting

Business Intelligence Reports. Get up to the minute KPI's like member reports, table tracking, sales, staff performance and other BI reports, anywhere, anytime on any device.

cctv integration

Full Security Integration

SwiftPOS interfaces with most leading CCTV systems, with advanced searching features via the POS-Vision module.

Customer Facing Displays

Directly market to your customers at the POS. Advertise specials. Incorporate member deals and run daily promotions with customer facing displays

WEB API Integration

Easily interface your own websites with SwiftPOS. Benefit from online member management tools and 3rd party web applications.