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SwiftPOS Software Help

SwiftPOS Software Help

As a SwiftPOS customer, you have access to the Customer Help Manual at all times. This can be accessed here:

Customer Help Information

This can also be accessed by navigating to the Back Office and selecting the f1 Key. A window will appear with helpful information regarding Back Office and Touch operations and set up procedures.  

Further Assistance

If you require further assistance, please contact your Licensed SwiftPOS Reseller. Their contact information can be found under the SwiftPOS Registration details. 

To Access your SwiftPOS Registration details, please follow the below steps.

  • For SwiftPOS Version 9 and lower, you will find your registration information in the top right-hand corner of Back Office. 
  • For SwiftPOS Version 10, you will find your Registration information under Tools in the top right-hand corner of Back Office.

Or contact us below and we can help assist you

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