OrderAway Upsell

OrderAway Upsell



Upsell From The Get Go

Create striking promotional campaigns with linked products that are loaded as soon as OrderAway is opened and/or before customers checkout.

Putting your Promotions

Front & Centre.

DEmo upsell

Benefits for Venues

Showcase with Banner Promotions

Upload captivating 9:16 full screen promotional banners, grabbing customers attention instantly.

Upsell at Beginning
and End

Upsell allows you to showcase deals as soon as OrderAway loads and promote extra add-ons before a customer checks-out.

Link Products to Promotions

Not only can you load promotional banners, but you can also link products and full sub-menus that directly appear underneath.

Upsell Shows Once per Session

Upselling is great… when it’s not annoying. We’ve limited it to one per session. You can still link upsell items directly to the OrderAway Menu.

At Checkout add a little extra… ​

Add-Ons or Advertise… or Both!

Upsell at checkout allows you to be flexible with product add-ons and promotional advertising. You can enable both or either/or, it’s completely up to you.

Getting Started

Step 1

Link your products to OrderAway, like you would with a regular menu. Create a Upsell layout ID with all the relevant products.

Linking Products to OrderAway

Step 2

Add your 9:16 promotional banner, for either the landing page or checkout page, or both. 

Upload Banners

Step 3

See it in action!

For more information see here

Available in SwiftPOS v10.22 or higher