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A POS system for a Clubs members and staff is the most important decision you can make.  It is involved in the every day interaction with members and can be the thing that will assist your club in recording and measureing the promotions and what is making the money to advance club and member interactions.

A fully integrated POS System that can link every sales transaction to the Member who made the purchase is very important. This allows you to review your sales and adjust your products and process in ways to benefit your Members that support the Clubs.

Key Benefits for Clubs:

  • Totally integrated POS Software that will manage inventory control, Management Accounts, Membership, Loyalty and integration with Poker Machine Gaming systems
  • Receive Member’s fees at the Point of Sale with updating of Member records in the back office.
  • Print and encode Members Cards for immediate use at the POS terminals.
  • Combine Club promotions with your integrated POS and Membership system so that you can target your promotions to the members who support the club the most.
  • Door Entry terminals for rewarding your Members.
  • Interactive Kiosk and Member Barrel Draws
  • Random prize draws and product promotional draws for current members only.
  • Provides a real incentive for members to pay their fees on time with benefits for current members only.
  • Ease the burden of Member renewals and maintaining address details with the integrated Internet member registration system.
  • Online member details update
  • Integrated Digital Menu boards for clubs
  • Export financial information to the most popular accounting software.

Live Interfacing to clubs Gaming systems including;

  • Aristocrat DACOM 5000 / 6000 / 7000 (Prime)
  • Bounty Systems
  • Balley
  • Kanomi
  • Metropolis
  • MAX Gaming Systems (MaxiCa$H)
  • eBet/Turbo Gaming Systems
  • Global Gaming (Maxitag)
  • IGT Max & IGT Club
  • Independent Gaming Systems (Flexinet)
  • Odyssey/Titan
  • Sentinel
  • Systems Express
  • and others
  • plus we have our own generic system in place for any new players