Stock & Invoicing Features

POS Inventory Management System

Our POS Inventory Management System is a full custom control of your inventory. Manage stock at the POS terminal and in the Back Office. Strong 3rd party integration features and single step stock transfer processes, SwiftPOS gets you ahead, saving you time and money.

Manage Inventory Movements with Ease

Inventory Management System at any POS Terminal

Easy, single step stock transfer. Transfer between all venue locations. Stock look up in all locations, process supplier invoices, add barcodes all at the POS terminal. All can be done with uninterrupted operations during stocktake.

Back Office Inventory Equals Control

Get in-depth reports, such as live variance and stock movement reports. Transfer stock between locations in the back office. Enter wastage, control and reporting and enforce reasons on cancels, credits, refunds and no sales.  

Stocktake App

Get On top of Stock control – a definitive solution 

The handheld SwiftPOS stocktake App. No manual stocktaking, importing and exporting of files. Easily and quickly achieve accurate stocktake, transfers and more. All movements load directly into SwiftPOS Back Office, saving you time.

A simple interface design, guiding you through stocktakes, transfers and purchase orders. Simple and Easy.

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Online Order and Supplier Integrations

Simple and efficient POS invoicing integrations from over 1,000 national suppliers in Australia & NZ. SwiftPOS integrates with many leading suppliers including MetCash, ALM Liquor, Independent Liquor Group, Liquor Marketing Group, Liquid and Accounts Flow… to name a few.

SwiftPOS API allows for 3rd party partners to integrate their interface with SwiftPOS. Our online POS ordering integrations include, Mobi2Go, My Local Foodie, New Sunrise and Cooking the Books.

Accounts Flow

It’s easier than you think. We take your supplier invoices and send them directly to your POS or Inventory system, product by product with all the relevant details. In most cases your supplier invoice will be detailed within your POS or Inventory system before the goods have even arrived.


Metcash is Australia’s leading wholesale distribution and marketing company with sales of over $14 billion in FY18. We believe that it is absolutely vital to Australia that there is a sustainable, independent, family-owned business sector.

POS Inventory Management

New Sunrise provides Independent Retail Operators with a world class Retail System that brings together the Independents and drives profitability by integrating and coordinating the promotional, operational and merchandising activities between retailers and manufacturers.

POS Inventory Management

Cooking the Books programs link in with a fantastic range of complementary software, including POS and Accounting. We have also developed strong relationships with suppliers, marketers and other businesses that can help our clients so that we can focus on what we do best.


Australia’s largest liquor co‑operative, The Independent Liquor Group is a member owned organisation of licensed liquor stores, hotels, registered clubs and restaurants working collectively to obtain the best service and benefits whilst maintaining their own autonomy and independence. 


Established in 1977, alongside its banner group ‘Bottlemart’, LMG was created by a group of 400 NSW hoteliers. LMG is one of Australia’s leading alcohol marketing groups, proudly representing more than 1,400 independent operators in the $17.5 billion Australian retail packaged liquor sector.

POS Online integrations

ONLINE ORDERING. Give your customers the ability to place orders via your website or their mobile device. Don't have a website? We have you covered with our hosted One-Pager to get started with Online Ordering.

POS Online Solutions

Our menu costing software puts the information you need at your fingertips to keep you connected with what is really happening in your business each day. You’ll know what you’re buying and from which distributors, how much stock is on hand, which menu items are selling, which menus are making money and which menus need fixing.


ALM is strongly committed to supporting independent retailers throughout Australia and New Zealand, and maintains a major focus on providing outstanding customer service. ALM carries in excess of 8,500 liquor products. This provides ALM with a unique opportunity to fill orders "in full on time" for its 14,500 Customers


Our goal is to satisfy our customers, every time. To do this, we strive to understand what your business requires. We don’t act like a big corporation where “one-size fits all”. Rather, our Account Managers and Customer Service team adopt a personalised approach.