Restaurant & Bistro Features

Restaurant POS Features

Delivering unmatched flexibility for restaurant operations. SwiftPOS restaurant POS features gives your business flexibility and control - You determine how your restaurant operates, not your POS system.

Restaurant Management

Fast, Reliable, Flexible & Functional

Smart Solutions for Wining and Dining

SwiftPOS has consistently been striving for features that give you what you want. From handheld POS terminals, to kitchen video screens, to live serving trackers, to split payment, billing, dockets and tables. SwiftPOS is proud to deliver you restaurant POS features with unmatched flexibility and reliability for your venue​

Features include: Live table tracking, spilt items/billing/payment, delayed print options, automatic price changes, reservation allocation, receipt/bounce back vouchers, floor-mapping and much more.

Hand-Held Mobile Terminals

improve & speed up customer service

Replace the pen & pad and increase staff efficiency. Smart up-selling and prompting features at the table.

increase table turnover

With smoother operations and better efficiency, easily increase table turnover with live table tracking in all hand-held POS terminals.

increase business revenue

With increased table turnover and smart up-selling features, see your revenue increase.

POS Systems

Bistro Solutions

Keeping bistro service simple with SwiftPOS. Allow for multiple orders, that are paid individually from a table be sent to the kitchen as a single docket. split payments and bills, merge tables or easily transfer tables and easily delay print to kitchen options.

Self-Order Kiosk

The Self-Order Kiosk is the perfect solution for quick order restaurants and any bistro service. Order ahead and jump the queue, using eftPOS integration and flexible option to pay at the kiosk or table.

restaurant pos features

Kitchen Bump Screens

Replace or compliment your kitchen printers with kitchen order and bump screens. A perfect solution for fast paced restaurants, casual dinning or quick service restaurants.

  • Use a touch screen or bump box to bump off your orders
  • Choose font size, number of rows & columns to suit your business & screen size
  • Print food labels for items
  • Wait times in (5 minute intervals) display on the kitchen video screen and POS screen
  • Bump from one screen to the next
  • Back Office reporting on serving times

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