Bill Splitting – made easy !

Are you needing to do easy Bill Splitting?

Bill Splitting – SwiftPOS has a great point of sale (POS) feature that allows you to split bill and it will work out the right amounts per person or for each meal each customer has.  With a lot of staff being of the younger generations then this helps with the calculations.   There is something to say about Splitting a bill and most customers want to pay seperately with Tap and go functionality this is becoming more and more required.

Are you Splitting your customers bill with ease!?  Save time and Money and split the bill with SwiftPOS software.

When you dine out with other people, do you pay for your own food and drink, or divide the bill so that everyone makes an equal contribution? Splitting a bill can be a source of conflict among friends, especially if one person is trying to avoid contributing at all. It can be difficult to split bills fairly, without antagonizing anyone in the process.

Money can be a touchy subject, and people don’t always react well when prompted for their contribution towards a bill. Now, more than ever, paying too much when dining out can be a financial burden. Although the amounts spent at restaurants may not seem like much, the meals can quickly add up to a significant amount of money. Over the course of a year, you can easily spend hundreds or thousands of dollars at restaurants, especially when you’re paying.

Using SwiftPOS Bill Splitting feature you can solve alot of these issues.