SwiftPOS Knowledge Base: A comprehensive customer resource

SwiftPOS Knowledge Base: A comprehensive customer resource

Introducing the new SwiftPOS Knowledge Base, a free customer resource that offers comprehensive documentation of all features and products. This resource is currently a work in progress, but we plan to gradually replace the Customer Help File (which can still be accessed here) with this improved resource.

Designed with user-friendly navigation in mind, the SwiftPOS Knowledge Base showcases module tiles such as Back Office, OrderAway, and TouchMini for easy access. Moreover, the right sidebar showcases significant product updates and upcoming enhancements to keep you informed.

SwiftPOS Knowledge Base


Individual modules are categorised into two key sections: About and Getting Started.


To understand how the feature can benefit your business, read the About section which explains it in detail.

Getting Started

The Getting Started section features a clear and concise guide that outlines the necessary steps to configure and set up a product or feature. This includes best practices, as well as other useful tips and tricks to help you along the way.

Other helpful tabs:

How to – How to setup a particular aspect of a product/feature.

Topics We provide additional information about related components that can be used together with a product/feature.

Troubleshooting General troubleshooting tips to help you when things don’t go as planned. We suggest trying these tips before reaching out to support for assistance.

What to Consider To fully utilise a feature/product, it is necessary to consider other information that is linked to it.

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